Management Board

ALOIS LIETH - Managing Director

(born in 1946) is a Civil and Sanitary Engineer specialized in water supply, wastewater treatment and disposal as well as in solid waste management and environmental engineering. He started his professional career as Project Engineer and Project Manager with one of the leading German Consulting Companies reaching top management positions. After more than 20 years, he joined a leading Engineering Company and developed the Consulting Business worldwide, and after that, he became Managing Director of Construction Company specialized in the field of water and wastewater projects. In 1998, he bought the company HYDROPLAN Ingenieur-Gesellschaft and has been acting as its Chairman and Managing Director since that time. His success in the management board of the company as well as in the field executing projects worldwide allowed him in particular to see his company celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2014.

DR. SABINE LIETH - Managing Director

(born in 1969) is a Civil Engineer specialized in wastewater treatment and disposal as well as in solid waste management. She had undertaken scientific research for the implementation and operation of an innovative wastewater treatment plant concept consisting of HCR-Reactor for C-Elimination and submerged filters for nitrification and denitrification, for which she was awarded a doctorate (PhD). She joined HYDROPLAN Ingenieur-Gesellschaft mbH in 2000, working as Project Engineer as well as Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Expert, before she entered the Management Board. Today, she is Managing Director leading the Business Development and the Project Backstopping Department of the company.

FRANK ROGALLA - Commercial Director

(born in 1964) holds a degree in business studies (Diplom-Kaufmann) in conformity with the regulations of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and started his professional career with a leading German Engineering Company and a Water Meter Production Company where he worked as Independent Economist. After that, he joined a top Financing and Investment Company as Economist, Financial Expert for five years. In 1999, he joined HYDROPLAN Ingenieur- Gesellschaft mbH as Head of the Financial Department and has been holding this position since that time. He has managed multiple medium to large-scale Projects in the water and infrastructure sector, in particular in economic and financial matters.