Values & Compliance


Our values guide us in our daily work and play a key role in our corporate culture and financial independence.

Hydroplan underpins itself to maintain its role as a leading international consulting firm in the engineering services sector.

We are able to provide our customers with interdisciplinary solutions in the fields of energy, water, waste and infrastructure. Our wide-ranging expertise is in demand throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. With this know-how and in-depth expertise, we are able to meet even the greatest challenges of our customers. We can support every project, no matter where, with engineering and consulting services at a consistently high level.

Ethics, integrity, social responsibility and compliance are fundamental values of how we interact with our clients, partners, employees and subcontractors around the world. Therefore we have implemented stringent policies and processes to ensure that our projects succeed in a complaint and ethical manner.

The claim of our corporate culture is documented in our mission statement and the Code of Conduct derived from it. This value system is binding for our employees. It meets the high demands of our international business transactions.

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Compliance and Integrity

We, Hydroplan GmbH, acting worldwide as an Engineering and Consulting Company, face the different external conditions of the global market as well as the resulting social responsibility.

With our actions we stand up for fair competition and social standards.

The principles underlying Hydroplan’s collaboration with business partners are integrity, fairness, transparency and partnership. Business partners are companies and individuals who enter into a contractual relationship with Hydroplan in order to provide goods or services.

As a consulting engineering enterprise acting all over the world, in all our activities we feel obliged to the international norms concerning human rights, working conditions, environment protection and combat of corruption.

In order to define a uniform orientation for a behavior with integrity and in an ethically correct manner, we have set out in writing a Code of Conduct for our employees and contractual partners, which complies to these international standards. For us, the Code of Conduct forms the basis for the collaboration with our contractual partners worldwide.

We stand up for clear rules and clean business, which for us results in fairness on both sides.

In accordance with the current version of DIN EN ISO 37001, we integrate the fight against corruption into our Quality Management System, which reflects our actions in the Company.

These include in particular:

  • Transparency and protection of confidence 
  • Appointment of a person of trust for compliance issues
  • Code of Conduct 

If a staff member, or a business partner or other individual considers that the principles of this Code are not respected, they have the ability to raise this with our Compliance Officer.


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