Renewable Energy & Environment

Hydroplan Renewable Energy & Environment  Hydroplan Renewable Energy & Environment  Hydroplan Renewable Energy & Environment  Hydroplan Renewable Energy & Environment

One of the main collective responsibilities of a society is stewardship of the environment, which influences significantly its political and social behavior. All societies are engaged in activities that affect the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere. The effects of these activities, typically in the form of polluting emissions, can be significantly reduced, but never eliminated.
Therefore, our mission is to develop technical solutions within economic constraints that will protect and preserve the environment.

HYDROPLAN provides services in the design of hydropower plants and also related to wind and solar energy projects. Our experience in wastewater techniques for the planning of biogas hydropower plants have introduced our engineers to the planning and project follow-up of biogas plants. Our specialized experience can be used for the thermal utilization of residential waste. Next to biogas used for the production of electricity, remaining solids are used as fertilizer in agriculture.

Within this sector, HYDROPLAN offers services within the following fields:

  • Regenerative Energies
  • Hydro-electric energy
  • Wind energy
  • Solar, thermal and photovoltaic plants
  • Biogas energy
  • Geothermal power plants
  • Wood and plant based fuels
  • Other renewable energy systems
  • Environmental Protection
  • Coastal zone protection on regional, local and national level
  • Ocean protection
  • Marine biology
  • Recultivation an environmental restoration
  • Noise pollution and abatement

  • Environmental Management
  • Land inventories
  • Environmental Impact
  • Assessment
  • Eco-Audits
  • Water and soil conservation
  • Coastal zone protection on a regional local and national level
  • Marine biology
  • Recultivation and environmental restoration
  • Energy Economy
  • Market and tariff studies
  • Energy efficiency
  • Comparison of energy costs
  • Energy management
  • Water and Soil Conservation
  • Concepts to minimise emissions
  • Protection against desertification